Front 'n' Centre Podcast

Episode 6

March 02, 2023 Front 'n' Centre Podcast Season 1 Episode 6
Front 'n' Centre Podcast
Episode 6
Show Notes

This weeks podcast we drink some cannabis beer, NBL finals, AFL team previews, AFL Fantasy team is revealed (join our fantasy league)!, Racing, THe Pyramid and IN THE BIN ! Browny hits a solid joke this week. Follow us on twitter @frontncentrepod (put it in the search and then click go to @frontncentrepod) to become a friend of the podcast and get yourself a friend Chip.
Chapters are;
11mins 15sec - NBL
20mins 15sec - AFL Team Previews
38mins 03sec - AFL Fantasy
45min 44sec - Racing
1h 06min 48sec - Pyramid
1h 11min 56 sec - IN THE BIN & Joke