Front 'n' Centre Podcast

Episode 12

April 13, 2023 Front 'n' Centre Podcast Season 1 Episode 12
Front 'n' Centre Podcast
Episode 12
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Show Notes

Big episode this week, the wizards have their own segment after gaining massive popularity online! Weekly WILDCATS debuts with HUGE news! All of  your faves are still back AFL, Another listener joke which is a winner and an IN THE BIN  not to be missed.

Hope you enjoy, Please like and share.

Chapters are as follows;

Weekly Wildcats - 6mins 10sec
AFL - 13mins 55 sec
AFL Fantasy - 41min 58 sec
The Wizards - 45min 29 sec
Racing - 49mins 18 secs
Pyramid - 1h 11mins 47sec
IN THE BIN & Joke - 1h 15mins 52sec

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