Front 'n' Centre Podcast

Episode 14

April 27, 2023 Front 'n' Centre Podcast Season 1 Episode 14
Front 'n' Centre Podcast
Episode 14
Show Notes

The winner of our ANZAC day carton is announced and we are back this week with a unique beer from one of our listeners to get the pod underway. Big weekly Wildcats this weeks with rumours a a club champion could leave, tune in to find out who. A lot to discuss in AFL this week, what a huge week its been. A listener tip for the pyramid, lets hope it gets up.  Exciting news from our fantasy league, and much much more.

Chapters are as follows;

Weekly Wildcats - 5min 19sec
Beer Review - 11mins 40sec
AFL - 19min 20 sec
AFL Fantasy - 48mins 35 sec
Racing  - 54min 55sec
Pyramid - 1h 08min 48sec
IN THE BIN - 1h 12min 54sec
Joke - 1h 19min 36sec