Front 'n' Centre Podcast

Episode 15

May 04, 2023 Front 'n' Centre Podcast Season 1 Episode 15
Front 'n' Centre Podcast
Episode 15
Show Notes

A BIG WIN BY THE WIZARDS FROM LAST WEEK! We get around them this week. Tassie FINALLY have a team, any team name idea's? Weekly wildcats back not a lot to chat about this week, still waiting on Jesse Wagstaff news. The All Beer Footy team is starting to take shape with a questionable beer this week. Everything else is back AFL, Fantasy, The WIZARDS, Racing, Pyramid and IN THE BIN. Also listen in for one of our worst delivered listener jokes so far.

Chapters are as follows;

Weekly Wildcats - 7min 25sec
Beer Review - 10min 21sec
AFL - 17min 40sec
AFL Fantasy - 51min 52sec
The Wizards - 56min 56sec
Racing - 1h 01min 14sec
The Pyramid - 1h 19min 43sec
IN THE BIN - 1h 25min 50sec
Joke - 1h 30min 37sec