Front 'n' Centre Podcast

Episode 17

May 18, 2023 Front 'n' Centre Podcast
Front 'n' Centre Podcast
Episode 17
Show Notes

Another episode down and an Alistair Clarkson walk out needs to be discussed. Some really good games of AFL to discuss and quick fire racing. The Wizards are sure to deliver big this week make sure you get one. We go big on the pyramid this week (pray for us). It all goes a bit pair shaped at the end, wrong buttons are pushed but we power through.

Chapters are as follows;

Beer Review - 8min

Cat Chat - 12min 43sec

AFL - 17min 56sec

The Wizards - 54min 57sec

Racing - 58min 59sec

The Pyramid - 1h 15min 30sec

In The Bin - 1h 24min 38sec

Joke - 1h 22min 26sec